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    The human foot and ankle has a complex anatomy. It is composed of the outer skin layer, the vascular system, neuromuscular system and skeletal system. Any of these can develop problems during your lifetime.
Central Committee

The Association of Podiatrists of Malta is composed of a central committee which is elected every year (during the month of February) during an Annual General Meeting. 

The Current (2019 - 2020) Central Committee

Mr Ivan Farrugia MSc Podiatry (Glasgow) D. Pod S.R. Pod M. Pod A. S.R. Ch U.K. 
Vice- President 
Ms Yvonne Midolo MSc Pod (Melit.) BSc (Hons) Pod (Melit.) S.R. Pod M. Pod A.
Secretary General
Mr Matthew Carabott BSc (Hons) Pod
Officer for Education, Policy and Professional Standards (Chairperson of CEPPS)
Ms Tiziana Mifsud MSc (UK) Clinical Biomechanics BSc (Hons) SR Pod M Pod A

Public Relations Officer

Ms Martina Agius BSc (Hons) Pod

Financial Officer
Ms Malise Spiteri BSc (Hons) Pod
Student Representatives
Mr Isaac Buhagiar
Mr Kurt Farrugia Gouder

The APM committee can be contacted through a general email, info@podiatry.org.mt or else each committee member can be contacted directly by clicking here

A number of sub-committees are set up from time to time to assist in the agenda of the APM year after year. For the year 2013, two sub-committees are currently active, one on policy making and the other one which shall organise the Foot Awareness Month scheduled to take place in January 2014.

Previous APM Committees

Committee 2018-2019 

Mr. Ivan Farrugia (President), Mr. Jean Pirotta BSc, Ms. Nicola` Camilleri,  Ms. Stephanie De Giorgio, Ms. Roxanne Agius, Ms. Yvonne Midolo,Mr. Kurt Farrugia, 

Committee 2016-2017

Mr. Matthew Schembri (President), Mr. David Pleven, Ms. Nicola Camilleri, Ms. Pamela Bartolo, Mr. Christian Ellul, Mrs. Malise Spiteri, Mr. Bernard von Brockdorff, Mr. Joseph Sciortino

Committee 2015

Mr. Christian Ellul (President), Ms. Yvonne Azzopardi, Mr. David Pleven, Mr. Matthew Schembri, Mr. David Meilak, Mr. Josef Cefai. Student Representatives: Ms. Nicola Camilleri, Ms. Sarah Perren. 

Committee 2014

Mr. Christian Ellul (President), Dr.Alfred Gatt, Ms. Yvonne Azzopardi, Dr. Cynthia Formosa, Mr. David Chircop, Mr. Josef Cefai. Student Representatives: Ms. Roxanne Agius, Mr. Owen Attard. 

Committee 2013

Mr. Christian Ellul (President), Mr. David Chircop, Ms. Malise Spiteri, Mr. Ivan Farrugia, Mr. David Caruana, Ms. Nicola Camilleri. 

Committee 2012

Mr. Andre Serge’ Zammit (President), Mr. Ivan G. Vella, Ms. Frances Camilleri Attard Mr. Mark Grech. 

Committee 2011

Mr. Jean Carle Pirotta (President), Mr. David Meilak, Mr. Andre Serge’ Zammit, Ms. Dalia Aboulezz, Mr. Josef Cefai, Ms. Danine Bartolo, Mr. Clinton Schembri Francalanza

Committee 2010

Mr. Ivan G. Vella (President),  Mr. Andre Zammit, Ms. Frances Camilleri, Ms. Charmaine Vella, Ms. Malise Spiteri, Mr. David Meilak, Mr. Clinton Schembri Francalanza

Committee 2009

Mr. Jean Carle Pirotta (President), Ms. Carol Gobey, Mr. Ivan Farrugia, Ms. Dalia Aboulezz

Committee 2008

Mr. Ivan Farrugia (President), Ms. Charmaine Vella, Dr. Ann Marie Galea

Committee 2007

Mr. Ivan Farrugia, (President) Ms. Charmaine Vella, Dr. Ann Marie Galea

Committee 2006

Mr. Ivan Farrugia (President), Ms. Charmaine Vella, Dr. Cynthia Formosa, Dr. Ann Marie Galea

Committee 2005

Mr. Ivan G. Vella (President), Mr. Andre Zammit, Mr. Ivan Farrugia

Committee 2004

Dr. Anne Marie Galea,(President) Ms. Carol Gobey, Mr. Jean Carle Pirotta

Committee 2003

Dr. Cynthia Formosa (President), Dr. Ann Marie Galea, Mr. Andre Serge’ Zammit, Mr. Omar Schembri, Ms. Rosanna Falzon, Ms. Edel Brincat

Committee 2002

Dr. Cynthia Formosa (President), Mr. Andre Serge Zammit, Ms. Rosanna Falzon, Mr. Jean Carle Pirotta, Dr. Ann Marie Galea, Ms. Mary Iris Zammit

Committee 2001

Dr. Cynthia Formosa (President), Dr. Ann Marie Galea, Ms. Mary Iris Zammit

Committee 2000

Mr. Stephen Mizzi (President), Ms. Wilma Plaehn, Ms. Frances Camilleri Attard

Committee 1999

Dr. Alfred Gatt (Founder and President), Mr. Stephen Mizzi, Ms. Phyillis Camilleri, Ms. Anabelle Mizzi, Ms. Frances Camilleri

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