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Determinants of Job Satisfaction in different Podiatric settings
Publication Study
Health Care

Formosa C. Caruana D. Chockalingam N. (2014). Revista Internacional de Ciencias Podológicas Vol. 8 Num 2. 91 - 98




The podiatry profession has evolved over the past few decades and new specializations have been introduced in this field bringing with them new services and different work settings. The aim of this study is to explore the level of job satisfaction amongst Podiatrists working in two different clinical settings within the NHS. It also seeks to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction among public health professionals working in two different settings.


A comparative non experimental design was employed. Twenty three Maltese State Registered Podiatrists working on a full time basis within the NHS were recruited. Twelve podiatrists were recruited from a hospital setting and 11 podiatrists were recruited from a Primary Care Setting. All consenting participants were asked to fill in the short form of the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. This questionnaire is composed of 20 statements and is used to explore levels of job satisfaction.


No statistical difference was found when comparing levels of job satisfaction between the study group [P=0.609]. The participants however reported a low mean satisfaction score for their work compensation and chances of advancements in their work place.


This study has concluded that Podiatrists working within different settings in the NHS overall experience satisfactory levels of job satisfaction. However, it was also reported that participants felt that they were not well compensated for their work and that they are limited to advancement in their workplace – two factors which are known to be related to turnover rates and work retention. Results of this study need to be considered by the professional bodies and health care authorities for change in health and educational policies to be brought about. This paper will conclude by offering recommendations which offer proper action steps to be visited when looking to increase job satisfaction among health care professionals.

Key words: job satisfaction; different work settings; podiatry; health professionals; work retention; turnover rates.




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