• The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    Supplier of Fresco Silicone/Felt products.
  • Healthy feet The Association of Podiatrists of Malta, The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    Healthy Feet
    The majority of the population can maintain healthy feet through education, advice and prompt care.
  • Foot xray The Association of Podiatrists of Malta, The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    A foot X-ray showing the complex bone system that makes up the human foot
  • The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    In any environment good footwear is key to preventing foot injuries. Your Podiatrist can help you identify the right footwear depending on your needs.
  • Biomechanics The Association of Podiatrists of Malta, The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    Podiatric Biomechanics is the study of human movement and related pathologies. It allows Podiatrists to interpret movements, identify problems and suggest treatment options.
  • Foot Anatomy The Association of Podiatrists of Malta, The Association of Podiatrists of Malta
    The human foot and ankle has a complex anatomy. It is composed of the outer skin layer, the vascular system, neuromuscular system and skeletal system. Any of these can develop problems during your lifetime.
Terms & Conditions

A platform that promotes local research in the field of Podiatric medicine and lower limb health care. It is a useful resource section for researchers, health care professionals and students through our free access of abstracts of local papers published in peer reviewed journals and other abstracts.


Publishing on the APM website

Researchers can promote approved published work in the field of Podiatric medicine, lower limb health care and general health by sending all the necessary details by electronic correspondence to editorial@podiatry.org.mt.


APM Members

Members of the association may publish their abstracts free of charge. In their correspondence they should include the following details:

  • Personal details
  • Institution the work is published with (whether journal, University, Hospital or any other institution;
  • Full text of abstract;
  • Year approved and published;
  • Type of study (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Publication)
  • Name of author (the corresponding author must be the primary author) and any co-authors
  • Appropriate citations when this work has been published by foreign journals (including direct link and digital object identifier [DOI]).


Non-APM members

Non-APM members and non-podiatrists can also publish abstracts of their work on the APM website provided that at least one of the authors is of a Maltese nationality or has been residing in Malta for a minimum of three (3) years.

In this case apart from the details described above the following details are also required:

  • Personal details including personal identifiable details;
  • Profession and latest qualification/s (including name of awarding institution).

Although access is free of charge, non-APM members have to pay the nominal fee of fifty euros (€50) in order to publicise his/her work. This is equivalent to a year’s membership in the APM and such a nominal fee goes to the maintenance of this research page and website.


Disclaimer: In both instances only the abstract and necessary citation will be showcased on the website but for the purpose of quality we may request a full soft copy version of the publication for internal review.  Were applicable copies of certificates may be required as proof.


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